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Community Psychiatric Clinic and Sound combine organizations

Auburn Reporter - 4/19/2019

Community Psychiatric Clinic and Sound (formerly Sound Mental Health) – two providers of mental health and addiction treatment services in King County for more than 50 years – announced Wednesday their intent to combine operations to form a new, larger provider under the Sound name and brand.

Patrick Evans, Sound's president and CEO, will oversee the new organization in the same role. The formation of a new Sound will be effective in early fall.

Combining operations creates a larger, expanded health care organization that will have 18 locations – including one in Auburn – and serve more than 26,000 people in the region with mental health, addiction treatment, supportive housing, vocational and many other services. These programs will serve a wide range of people, from Medicaid-eligible clients to individuals who have private insurance, and bring expanded service options to more people.

"We believe that this announcement will create better health care for the people we serve and will greatly benefit the community as a whole," said Doug Crandall, CEO of Community Psychiatric Clinic. "I am energized by what our two organizations will accomplish and look forward to what lies ahead."

Combining organizations allows for more significant economies of scale and sustainability, according to Evans.

"I am extremely excited about this new direction for Sound," he said. "The emerging organization will be in a more strategic position to adapt to the changes taking place in health care, where operational and clinical efficiencies are essential. By serving more clients with a broader continuum of health care services, throughout a wider geographic reach, Sound will have a more sizable impact on community health."

The organization is the only provider in King County to adopt Reaching Recovery, an evidence-based model of care that improves client outcomes and ensures the appropriate level of care is delivered based on the client's need.

Both organizations are similar in terms of the populations they serve, and are well-aligned in their mission, vision and values.

Community Psychiatric Clinic (CPC) is a dually-licensed, state-certified and nationally accredited non-profit behavioral health care organization that provides a comprehensive array of recovery-oriented mental health and addiction treatment services throughout Seattle and King County. Each year, CPC helps thousands of individuals and their families.

Established in 1953, CPC has helped community members successfully cope with everything from serious mental illness and chemical dependency to the daily stress and challenges of life. Its treatment builds on each client's personal strengths to help them achieve their recovery plan.

Founded in 1966, Sound is an independent provider of community mental health and addiction treatment services, offering high quality, comprehensive health care services throughout the region. The organization is an early adopter of Reaching Recovery, an evidence-based clinical model that promotes high levels of client engagement, improves outcomes and enables providers to better measure a client's recovery.

The organization's goal is to help individuals and families achieve the highest level of independence possible by providing whole health care solutions including addiction treatment, mental health, vocational, supportive housing and many other services.